DAAD-Information Centre Iran



DAAD Information Centre Tehran

Dr. Shariati St., Yakhchal St., Keynejad St., Eslamieh East St., No.10

Email: info@daad-iran.org

Phone: +98 (0) 21 2264 9510 (between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.)

Telegram-Channel: @daadteheran

For more information, please visit our homepage in Farsi or German.

The DAAD's aims and objectives are:

  • To advance international academic exchange and establish networks in Germany and abroad
  • To provide information and counselling
  • To promote the German higher education area through
                        o print and electronic publications
                        o special events (alumni meetings etc.)
                        o participation in higher education fairs
  • To grant organizational and (limited) financial support to universities
  • To award scholarships and grants