The University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, Germany, offers a Master degree programme in computer engineering that puts the focus on the Internet of Thing (IoT), because the world of tomorrow will be highly automated, data driven and interconnected.

Recent advances in wireless and cloud computing as well as battery technology and low power solutions expanded the possibilities of connecting all kind of devices to the Internet of Things. Intelligent, complex and decentralized solutions are being created for consumer use (smart home), manufacturing (Industry 4.0), utilities (smart grid), urban services (smart city), agriculture, retail, health care, telecommunication, transport and logistic.

The study programme provides an introduction to the disciplines that are part of typical IoT solutions such as Microelectronics, Cloud Computing, Embedded Software, Wireless Networking, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The programme emphasizes the relations of these disciplines and shows ways to combine them for a complete solution. The wide range of involved disciplines makes it an academically challenging programme. The programme completes with an internationally recognized Master of Engineering (M. Eng.).

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